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[Warded to Aidan]

[ Sam is in one of those cleaning moods. Everything in the house is clean, but she wants to clean it more. It's slightly ridiculous, but she doesn't think so. There's a washcloth in her hands as she feverishly cleans the bookshelf. She understands they have cleaning ladies to do these things, yet she doesn't give a damn and feels the need to do the cleaning. Her parents are out of town, and since she's waaaaay over eighteen years of age, they felt she was responsible enough to be home alone...well, with August, who was currently asleep. ]

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He has, yes. If I had known before I would have...

[He shuts up. There's no way to undo his past mistakes, but he's going to try. Because even though she might not think so, he does care about her. He was just stupid then.

Really fucking stupid then. ]

I would have come to see you. I would have tried to get you to leave with me. Tried to get you out of there, away from him...August away from him. At the time, I had no idea. You have to understand.

I had no clue.

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[ No, you would not have. She thinks to herself, heart beating at an accelerated level. He knows and he seems so so upset.]

I don't think you would have. Even if you had a clue, Aidan. How could you just leave me like that? After all those years of friendship, you have an affair with me once, and then you leave without even a bloody fuckingphone call.

That's not something friends do to their friends.
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