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[Warded to Aidan]

[ Sam is in one of those cleaning moods. Everything in the house is clean, but she wants to clean it more. It's slightly ridiculous, but she doesn't think so. There's a washcloth in her hands as she feverishly cleans the bookshelf. She understands they have cleaning ladies to do these things, yet she doesn't give a damn and feels the need to do the cleaning. Her parents are out of town, and since she's waaaaay over eighteen years of age, they felt she was responsible enough to be home alone...well, with August, who was currently asleep. ]

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[After talking to Mr. Evans over the phone, Aidan knows he needs to talk to Samantha. After talking himself out of it a few times, he knocks softly on her door, praying she doesn't hear it so he can go home without feeling guilty. It's been years since they've last spoken. He isn't possitive her reaction to seeing him is going to be all smiles and hugs. He's convinced it's going to be a whole other ballgame. But he's there. Waiting. Which in the end should be what matters. ]